About Us

Shared Hope Training was formed in 2003 as a PTY LTD company by founder company director Kevin Hasemann from the Wiradjuri nation after years working in Tafe ,Business and Trades.

It comes from inspiration to provide skills and training to those less fortunate and that generally dont accept training well in an institution type environment.

The company is an Indiginous and at the same time Christian faith based organisition.

To fully understand how that works i will share some history – the stolen generation has many families descending out of the period of Aboriginal descrimination , ours was one of those -my grandmother was halfcast and separed from her brothers and sister by the Australian Government and was later married in country NSW.

At the same period Government would take her children from her iif they had been identified as of an Aboriginal parent. So her children were told they were Maori to avoid being taken ,not until 15 years ago when a cousin delved deep into family records and unravelled the truth, skeletons were revealed.

Acceptance of our heritage is an important part of who we are , it defines our past. History proves that if we turn our pain and sufferings to lessons of life they become positive not negitive and the only way forward is always through forgiveness.True Christian beliefs enforce and prove that over and over again. We are all in need of the hope given by the gospel of Christ Jesus gift of hope to all ; salvation beyond this life

The world is full of many injustices and our purpose if we choose to accept it in this world is to share hope/faith and assist and uplift anyone we may have the opportunity to.

Hence our company mission statement is simple-Together We Can Make A World Of Difference

We love to work with other organisations and help them by purely being one more link in a positive chain of support and our training encompasses those factors.

We have overseas involvement in West Africa and as funds we provide assistance /mentoring can afford it go over and provide additional support in training and resources .

2013 was the last visit in which we provided small laptops; and many soccer balls to a variety of small community schools which were loved ,It was our privilage to distribute over 300 toothbrushes and toothpaste into one small community in Gardnersville and supply additional first aid provisions to 2 of the medical clinics we visited whilst there.

2017 is the start of First Aid training overseas in less fortunate countries given our ability to finance projects

In Australia was our intiative is an AED Give Back -for Organisations in our Sth East Corner when they spent $2000 or more in a booking for training . Happy to have already donated back to Business and service industries

We welcome any major corporations to engage with us to further our ambitions ,we are not and never intend to be a not for profit organisation. Any money we spend on others comes from our pockets and therefore it becomes a simple benevolant activity.
Our business is all Australian owned and a family business with several mambers of the family being part of the workforce as well as employing trainers from areas of expertise.